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The Sound System

Trance Family Netherlands and club Eden are proud to present VOID’s first Gold Incubus soundsystem.

Designed with the sole purpose of being the best dance club system, Incubus is redefining expectations around the world. Already providing levels of control previously thought impossible, its ability to allow both linear frequency and power shading within a single mid top enclosure is ensuring perfect sound for everyone on the dance floor.

Incubus is also becoming the number one choice for discerning interior designers, its physical signature cries out for extreme expression. Anyone looking to push both sonic and visual boundaries to the edge whilst raising mankind’s awareness via elevated forms of entertainment needs to audition Incubus.

‘A high percentage of the urge to dance comes from the upper bass frequencies’, is just the theoretical part of the explanation when you want to analyse the phenomena which makes people dance, but in practice, when you hear the advanced professional live sound from these speakers, you know you landed in the sound reality of the year 2017. The effect and the practical proof when you are listening to the Void sound: It’s just impossible not to dance!

Void Soundsystem
Void Soundsystem
Void Soundsystem
Void Soundsystem

Rog Mogale, founder and chief designer at Void: “Eden asked us for the best soundsystem in Ibiza. I believe we have delivered the best system in the world. I have always wanted to create an aural experience where the human body was the limiting factor. Eden’s non compromise approach has allowed me to accomplish that and more”.
Judge Jules: “I’ve been to all the clubs and played in just about every one of them in Ibiza and Eden doesn’t just have one of the best soundsystems, it has the best, by far”.

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